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If you've ever wanted to play a prank on a friend, now is the chance. In this call, the prankster makes the call to a friend and pretends that the phone call is being made from a reputed radio station. Let's see how the prank unfolds.

She: Hello?

You: Hello!! Am I speaking with Nancy?

She: Yes, this is she. Who's this?

You: Hey Nancy, I'm calling from (radio station's name). You've just won 2 tickets to see (band's name).

She: OH MY GOD!! Are you serious? This is so amazing. I can't believe it.

You: Well believe it, Nancy. Now all you have to do is answer one simple question and the tickets are yours.

She: Yeah, sure.... anything. What's the question?

You: If a cow laughed real hard, would milk come out her nose?

She: Uhh... I don't know.

You: You have 10 seconds...

She: I'm not sure. Not milk, but ice cream.

You: Oh, I'm sorry, Nancy. That's not the answer we were looking for. You do not win the tickets. Better luck next time.

Display a different number to protect yourself or pull a prank. It's easy to use and works on any phone. Your identity will always be anonymous when using SIP-CALL Caller ID spoofing. Call any number without ever displaying your real number.

Changing your Caller ID allows you to control what other people see when placing calls. It's that simple. Whether you want to make it seem like you are at the office when you're playing golf, or your kids are not picking up the phone when they see the house number on Caller ID, Bluff My Call is your only solution.

Disguise your phone number. You can enter any number. The person you're calling sees only that caller ID, not yours. So you can easily disguise as someone else.

All spoofed calls and traffic will be sent over HTTPS (SSL). So it's not possible for a third party to read it. We also support almost every phone. No matter if you have an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry or etc.


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SIP-CALL offers the ability to change your outgoing Caller ID to any number you choose. SIP-CALL is great for professionals in need of displaying a specific number, regardless of where they’re calling from. It’s also widely used by those who work from home and others who want to protect the privacy of their personal number.
SIP-CALL offers the ability to make international calls. It’s a great way to save on long distance fees. Plus, all of our additional features are included for free, regardless of the destination you’re calling!

The number you enter to display on Caller ID is the number that will be on their phone bill. Your personal number will always be protected when using SIP-CALL
We encrypt your information using a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the same technology that banks use to protect data. In addition, we keep your financial, personal and call records confidential.